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Planned Outage – FMHMS & FSE Shared Drives

Who is Affected: FMHMS & FSE Staff and Students accessing JCU Shared drives
Service Affected:  FMHMS & FSE shares located on shares.ad.jcu.edu.au file server
When: 21th September 2014 – 10:00am AEST
ETA: 21th September 2014 – 12:00pm AEST

Description: The shares.ad.jcu.edu.au file server has a scheduled outage to impliment the new University structure names. After the change (phase 1), FMHMS will be displayed as THM and FSE will be displayed as TES. Network drive mappings will be automatically updated the next time you login to your computer. During the transition phase, the old share names will still be visible for a period of 30 days to minimise disruptions.

What do I need to do? Close any open documents from these locations before Sunday 21st September 2014 10:00am AEST.  After the outage, logout and log back in to your computer to allow the automatic mapping of the new drives onto your computer.

Ref: CHG0001367