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Planned Outage - Network Outage in Cairns

Who is Affected: Staff and Students in Building A4, Cairns Campus
Service Affected:  Phones and Network
When: Today  27th August 2014 – 7:00am AEST
ETA: Today 27th August 2014 – 7:05am AEST

Description: Due to increased network requirements, work was needed in Building A4, Cairns. This required a reboot of the network equipment at around 7am Wednesday 27th August. During the 5 minutes while the equipment was rebooting all phones on the ground and first floors were without power and network communication in the entire building was unavailable. Full services were restored by 7:05am.

What do I need to do? Please contact the IT Help Desk if you require assistance as a result of this outage.

Ref: CHG0001358