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Resolved Unplanned Outage - Cairns network

Who was Affected: Cairns Campus
Service Affected:  All inbound/outbound network traffic – including Internet and phones.
When: 22nd August 2014 – 07:00am AEST
ETA: Restored 22nd August 2014 – 07:30am AEST

Description: Cairns experienced an unscheduled network outage this morning from 7:00am – 7:30am. All inbound and outbound network traffic including phones were affected.
JCU was advised by AARNet that Ergon was doing some work on one of the fibre connections into Cairns scheduled for 7:00am. It was expected that the work would take about 10 minutes and whilst this leg of the link was down all traffic would be diverted through the secondary connection. However due to a failure on one of the network switches at the Cairns end, all traffic was disrupted.
Networking investigated and was able to identify the fault and services were restored by 7:30am.

What do I need to do? Services have been restored. please contact the IT Help Desk if you believe you are still experiencing problems. ITR apologises for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

Ref: PRB0001350