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Unplanned Outage - Network issue, top floor Building 1 (Townsville)

Who is Affected: Users on the top floor of building 1 Townsville
Service Affected:  Any network connected services including but not limited to; Phones, printers, computers
When: Reported Approximately 29th July 2014 – 8:45am AEST
ETA: 29th July 2014 – 1:00pm AEST

Description: There is currently an unplanned outage to network services for the top floor of building 1 (Townsville). A piece of equipment (a switch) has failed and is currently being replaced by ITR. Services are expected to be restored by lunchtime today.

What do I need to do? For important or urgent phone calls (In the case of an Emergency) please use a mobile phone otherwise there are currently no workarounds available until the services are restored. Please monitor Central Computing Bulletins for further information as it becomes available.

Ref: CHG0001312