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Short Notice - Intermittent phone problems (Townsville Campus)

Who is Affected: Avaya Phones located on the Townsville Campus
Service Affected:  Telephony Services
When: 24th July 2014 – 1:30pm AEST
ETA: Unknown

Description: We are currently experiencing intermittent phone problems on the Townsville campus that appear to be affecting a large number of clients. Problems that may be experienced include:

* Not able to answer a call
* No Dial Tone
* Cannot transfer calls
* Calls are garbled
* Buttons not responding when being pressed
* Phones Rebooting

IT&R staff are investigating the cause of the issue and working closely with the vendor to determine the root cause of the problem and establish a solution.

What do I need to do? If you experience a reboot of your Avaya handset then be aware that your computer may also lose network connectivity while the phone reboots. For important or urgent phone calls (In the case of an Emergency) please use a mobile phone. Please monitor Central Computing Bulletins for further information as it becomes available.

Ref: PRB0000160