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Planned Outage - Upgrade of Adobe Reader Software

Who is Affected: Clients using JCU managed Windows computers (excluding Lab computers)
Service Affected:  Adobe Reader Software
When: 22nd July 2014 – 6:00pm AEST
ETA: Staged Rollout

Description: IT&R will be upgrading the Adobe Reader application on all JCU managed Windows computers (excluding Lab computers) to the latest version (11.0.07) to address functionality issues and security vulnerabilities that exist in previous versions. This is a staged rollout that will occur over the next week and we do not expect any disruption of service.

What do I need to do? After the 22nd July your desktop and laptop computers will automatically run this update when next connected to the JCU Network. If you experience any issues with your Adobe Reader software after this date then please contact the IT Help Desk for further assistance.

Ref: CHG0001288