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Planned Outage: JCU Website Monday 28th July 2014

Who is Affected: Users of the JCU Website
Service Affected: Public webpages and staff intranet (See Description for extended list)
When: Monday 28th July 2014 – 9:00pm AEST
ETA: Full Service will be restored by Monday 28th July 2014 – 11:00pm AEST

Description: The current CMS application servers (www-internal and www-public) are being upgraded for the new JCU structure.

Affected Services:
- The main JCU Website (www.jcu.edu.au) will be accessible but will not be updated during this outage.
- All secured websites residing on www-internal.jcu.edu.au will be unavailable (Major secured websites affected: HR, CMS Training, ICT Project, and all faculties and schools intranet websites.)
- All public websites residing on www-public.jcu.edu.au will be unavailable (Major websites affected: Courses and Degrees, Course and Subject Handbook 2009-2014, Library and Computing Services, JCU, News and Media websites will be unavailable.)

What do I need to do? Once the service is restored please contact the IT Help Desk if you are experiencing any problems.

Ref: CHG0001306