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Restored - JCU Web pages unavailable

Who is Affected: Anyone trying to access JCU web pages controlled by the CMS
Service Affected:  JCU Web Services
When: Insert Date and Time i.e. 13th June 2014 – 11:00pm AEST
ETA: Restored

Description: Due to an underlying storage issue the JCU web pages under CMS control (Public & Internal) were unavailable from approx. 11pm June 13th, 2014. To clear the issue the database server supplying data to the website(s) was required to be restarted.

All web pages were fully functional by 12:15pm June 14th, 2014

What do I need to do? If you continue to experience issues accessing JCU web pages then please contact the IT Help Desk for further assistance.

Ref: PRB0000141