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Phishing email attack at JCU

To the JCU Community


ITR have been made aware of a fraudulent email circulating the university.


Some staff members have received an email entitled "Library Account" which appeared to be from a forged JCU staff email address.


An example is shown below:-



JCU Library – 22 February 2014

Library Account

Dear Student, Faculty, Staff
Due to high numbers of inactive library accounts on our server, you are urged to validate your library account within a week after receiving this e-mail, by using the validation link: Click Here and login to your library account to confirm that your library account is active.
Failure to update will process your account being temporarily blocked or suspended from the network and may not be able to receive.
Do not ignore this message to avoid termination of your library account. Thanks for your co-operation.
Yours sincerely,
Alan Cockerill
Library & Information Services
Library Technologies Co-ordinator
University of  James Cook
Phone: (07) 423 21737
Email: alan.cockerill@jcu.edu.au 



This email is not a communication from JCU and is fraudulent. If you have received this email, you should not click on the link, please delete it without delay.


If you have inadvertently clicked on the link and entered your details, please change your password immediately and contact the IT helpdesk for further instructions.


For further information on how to identify and report Spam and Phishing emails please refer to a previous ITR Week in Review web page.


Thank you for your attention.





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