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AN5006:03 Asia Pacific Development: Culture and Globalisation
AQ5002:03 Aquaculture: Feeds and Nutrition
AQ5003:03 Aquaculture: Propagation
AQ5004:03 Aquaculture: Stock Improvement
AQ5006:03 Aquaculture: Principles and Practices
AQ5008:03 Aquaculture: Systems Design
AQ5009:03 Aquaculture of Tropical Species
AQ5010:06 Aquaculture: Production and Evaluation Report
AQ5012:06 Aquaculture: Hatchery Techniques
AQ5015:03 Sustainable Aquaculture
AQ5802:03 Aquaculture: Nutrition and Feeding Practices
AQ5806:03 Aquaculture: Introductory Principles and Practices
AQ5809:03 Aquaculture in the Tropics
AQ5815:03 Sustainable Aquaculture Principles and Practices
AR5201:06 Principles of Archaeological Investigation
AT8301:12 Surgical Anatomy
AT8302:12 Surgical Anatomy
AY5026:03 The Practice of Cultural Heritage Management
BC5101:03 Genes, Genomes and Development
BC5102:03 Advanced Cell Biology
BC5201:03 Biotechnology
BC5202:03 Special Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
BC5312:12 Research and Dissertation in Biochemistry
BU5950:06 Research Project
BU5951:06 Research Dissertation
BZ5001:03 Quantitative Methods in Science
BZ5008:03 Adaptation to Environmental Change
BZ5061:03 Behavioural Ecology
BZ5215:03 Conservation Biology
BZ5220:03 Population and Community Ecology
BZ5225:03 Field Ecology
BZ5230:03 Ecological Research Methods
BZ5420:03 Ecological Genetics
BZ5440:03 Ecology and Conservation
BZ5450:03 Ecological and Conservation Genetics
BZ5480:03 Restoration Ecology
BZ5615:03 Plant Survival in a Land of Fire, Flood and Drought
BZ5620:03 Tropical Flora of Australia
BZ5650:03 Australian Land Plants: Recognition, Evolution and Diversity
BZ5705:03 Australian Vertebrate Fauna
BZ5725:03 Herpetology
BZ5740:03 Wildlife Ecology and Management
BZ5745:03 Tropical Entomology
BZ5755:03 Biodiversity and Climate Change: Impact, Mitigation and Adaptation
BZ5808:03 Adapting to Environmental Challenges
BZ5820:03 Evolutionary Biology
BZ5880:03 Ecology: Distribution, Abundance and Diversity
CH5001:12 Research and Dissertation in Chemistry
CH5203:03 Analytical Chemistry (Advanced)
CH5301:03 Chemical Kinetics and Mechanism (Advanced)
CH5303:03 Materials and Process Chemistry (Advanced)
CO5103:03 Management Accounting
CO5109:03 Corporate Finance
CO5117:03 Introduction to Accounting
CO5118:03 Auditing and Assurance Services
CO5119:03 Business Law
CO5120:03 Taxation Law
CO5121:03 Law of Business Organisations
CO5122:03 Accounting for Corporations
CO5123:03 Advanced Issues in Accounting
CO5124:03 Data Analysis and Decision Modelling
CO5126:03 Strategic Performance Management
CP5001:06 Thesis Project (Part 1 of 2)
CP5003:06 Thesis Project (Part 2 of 2)
CP5045:06 Information Technology Project
CP5046:03 ICT Advanced Project I
CP5047:03 ICT Advanced Project II
CP5080:03 Literature Review and Research Proposal
CP5090:03 Scientific Research Methods
CP5307:03 Advanced Mobile Technology
CP5310:03 E-Business Technologies
CP5330:03 Special Interest Topic 1
CP5340:03 Special Interest Topic 2
CP5503:03 Enterprise Database Systems - Oracle
CP5520:03 Advanced Databases and Applications
CP5601:03 Advanced Data Communications Principles
CP5602:03 Advanced Algorithm Analysis
CP5603:03 Advanced E-Security
CP5604:03 Advanced Game Design
CP5607:03 Advanced Human Computer Interaction
CP5608:03 Advanced Animation Techniques
CP5609:03 Intelligent Agents and Simulation
CP5631:03 Internet Fundamentals
CP5632:03 Programming I
CP5633:03 Database Modelling
CP5634:03 Data Mining
CP5635:03 Collective Intelligence and Social Networks
CP5637:03 Content Management Systems
CU5702:06 Writing Project
CU5703:06 Exegesis
CV5010:03 Creativity
CV5011:03 Innovation
CV5012:03 Design Thinking
CV5013:03 Innovation, Imagination, Leadership
CY5456:03 Crime Prevention and Community Safety
EA5016:03 Hydrology
EA5017:03 Soil Properties and Processes
EA5018:03 Field Studies in Tropical Water and Soil Science
EA5024:06 Business and Financial Management in the Minerals Industry
EA5026:06 Special Studies
EA5029:06 Integrated Spatial Analysis and Remote Sensing of Mineral Exploration Targets
EA5041:03 Igneous Petrology and Processes
EA5042:03 Advanced Structural and Metamorphic Geology
EA5043:03 Ore Genesis
EA5044:03 Geological Mapping
EA5045:03 Field Techniques in Geology
EA5046:03 Earth and Environmental Geochemistry
EA5090:03 Advanced Hydrology
EA5320:03 Earth Resources, Exploration and Environment
EA5330:03 Field Techniques
EA5340:03 Disturbed Site Repair
EA5404:03 From Icehouse to Greenhouse
EA5521:06 Minor Research Dissertation
EA5525:03 Minor Research Dissertation (Part Time) Part 1 of 2
EA5526:03 Minor Research Dissertation (Part Time) Part 2 of 2
EA5531:06 Research Dissertation Part 1 of 2
EA5532:06 Research Dissertation Part 2 of 2
EA5535:03 Research Dissertation (Part Time) Part 1 of 4
EA5536:03 Research Dissertation (Part Time) Part 2 of 4
EA5537:03 Research Dissertation (Part Time) Part 3 of 4
EA5538:03 Research Dissertation (Part Time) Part 4 of 4
EA5640:03 Advanced Marine Geoscience Technologies and Applications
EA5650:03 Sedimentary Environments and Energy Resources
EC5202:03 Cost Benefit Analysis
EC5204:03 Managerial Economics
EC5205:03 Economic Growth and Sustainable Development
EC5206:03 Macroeconomic Policy
EC5207:03 Contemporary Economic Policy and Social Welfare
EC5214:03 Case Studies in Applied Economics and Finance
EC5216:03 Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation in Economics
EC5217:03 Behavioural Economics for Sustainable Policy
EC5218:03 Economics and Sustainable Resource Management
EC5219:03 Personnel Economics
ED5091:03 Individual Subject
ED5094:03 Research Proposal and Ethics
ED5095:06 Research Dissertation
ED5190:03 Introduction to Educational Research
ED5218:03 Professional Practices 1
ED5225:06 Secondary Curriculum 1
ED5300:03 Fundamentals of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
ED5301:03 Curriculum Design and Assessment Practices in Higher Education
ED5304:03 Evaluation and Scholarship in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
ED5305:03 Negotiated Project
ED5306:03 Research Supervision
ED5310:03 Practicum in Guidance and Counselling
ED5311:03 Reflective Practice Research in Guidance and Counselling
ED5510:03 Teaching ESL to Indigenous Students
ED5831:03 Research in Early Childhood Education
ED5833:03 Issues in the Education and Care of Young Children
ED5853:03 Career and Leisure Guidance and Counselling
ED5855:03 Behaviour Management
ED5857:03 Assessment
ED5859:03 Atypical Development
ED5862:03 Foundations of Counselling Theory
ED5863:03 Foundations of Counselling Practice
ED5864:03 Advanced Counselling
ED5865:06 Career Development Portfolio
ED5866:03 Career Development Portfolio (Pt 1 of 2)
ED5867:03 Career Development Portfolio (Pt 2 of 2)
ED5875:03 Foundations of Education
ED5880:03 Educational Leadership
ED5881:03 Contemporary Curriculum
ED5911:03 Education for Sustainability
ED5912:03 Co-Learning for a Sustainable Future
ED5913:03 Communicating Sustainability and Climate Change
ED5914:03 Individual Researched Action Project
ED5931:03 Catholic Religious Education 1
ED5932:03 Catholic Religious Education 2
ED5933:03 Catholic Religious Education 3
ED5934:03 Catholic Religious Education 4
EV5001:03 Environmental and Regional Planning
EV5002:03 Environmental Impact Assessment
EV5003:03 Environmental Economics
EV5009:03 Foundations of Natural Resource Management
EV5010:03 Planning for Sustainable Communities in a Changing Environment
EV5014:03 Managing Tropical Fisheries
EV5015:03 Sustainability in Practice
EV5020:03 Human Dimensions of Nature, Environment and Conservation
EV5200:03 Terrestrial Resource Management
EV5203:03 Conserving Marine Wildlife: Sea Mammals, Birds, Reptiles
EV5209:03 Principles and Practices of Protected Area Management
EV5252:03 Indigenous Environmental Management
EV5301:03 Urban Geography and Design
EV5401:03 Coastal and Catchment Geomorphology
EV5406:03 Coral Reef Geomorphology
EV5454:03 Natural Hazards
EV5502:03 Advanced Geographic Information Systems
EV5505:03 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
EV5506:03 Remote Sensing
EV5601:03 Social Impact Assessment: Environmental Management
EV5602:03 Urban Design Studio
EV5603:03 Planning Legislation and Professional Practice
EV5605:03 Professional Planning Work Experience
EV5606:03 Disasters, Communities and Planning
EV5610:03 Native Title and Land Use Planning
EV5614:03 Leadership in Disaster Management
EV5701:03 Managing Coastal and Marine Environments
EV5910:03 Professional Planning Project (Pt 1 of 2)
EV5911:03 Development Practice Project Proposal & Literature Review
EV5912:06 Development Practice Field Project
EV5920:03 Professional Planning Project (Pt2 of 2)
EV5955:06 Contemporary Issues in Development Practice
EV5956:06 Tropical Landscapes and Livelihoods
HI5001:03 The History of Global Connections
HI5005:03 Regional Environmental History
HS5002:03 Population Health for Clinicians 2
HS5003:03 Population Health for Clinicians 3
HS5004:03 Population Health for Clinicians 4
HS5101:03 Primary Health Care Research
HS5102:03 Qualitative Research Methods for Health Professionals
HS5103:03 Independent Project in Primary Health Care Research (Minor Project)
HS5106:03 Planning and Evaluation for Primary Health Care
HS5200:03 Literature Review in Healthcare Practice
HS5381:03 Health Promotion for Diabetes
HS5405:03 Teaching for Learning in the Health Professions
HS5406:03 Strategies for Clinical Teaching
HS5409:03 Innovative Teaching in the Health Professions
HS5410:03 Health Professional Education using Action Research
HS5555:03 Infection Prevention and Control in Health Care Settings
HS5601:03 Health and Community Integration
HS5602:03 Rural and Remote Paramedic Primary Health Care
HS6405:03 Assessment and Evaluation in Health Professional Education
HS7405:03 Evidence Based Health Professional Education
HS7410:03 Curriculum Design and Renewal in Health Professional Education
HS7411:03 Leadership in Health Professional Education
HS7500:06 Research Project 1
HS7501:06 Research Project 2
IA5010:03 Indigenous Research Ethics
IA5011:03 Field Procedures in Indigenous Research
IA5012:03 Interpreting Research
IA5014:03 Indigenous Knowledges and Research
IA5110:03 Individual Study/Project
IA5119:03 Empowerment and Change
LA5902:03 Environmental Law and Policy
LB5202:03 Marketing Management
LB5203:03 Sustainable Enterprise
LB5205:03 People in Organisations
LB5212:03 Accounting and Finance for Managers
LB5220:03 Entrepreneurship in International Emerging Economies
LB5222:03 Technopreneurship: the E entrepreneur
LB5228:03 The Changing Business Environment
LB5229:03 Economics for a Sustainable World
LB5230:03 Managing Strategic Resources and Operations
LB5231:03 Corporate Responsibility and Governance
LB5232:03 Marketing and Customer Engagement
LB5233:03 Strategic and Responsible Innovation Management
LB5234:03 Leading and Managing Organisational Change
LB5235:03 Practical or Research Project
LB5236:03 Comparative Global Business Systems
LB5302:03 Strategic Brand Management
LB5304:03 Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management
LB5306:03 International Human Resource Management
LB5500:03 Negotiation
LB5501:03 Facilitative Mediation Practice
LB5514:03 Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution
LB5515:03 Workplace Conflict Management
LB5516:03 Facilitation
LB5520:03 Conflict Management and Resolution Project
LB5521:03 Conflict, Reconciliation and Peace
LB5523:03 Research Project Part 1 of 2
LB5524:03 Research Project Part 2 of 2
LB5525:03 Conflict Analysis
LB5526:03 Conflict Management and Engagement
LB5527:03 Conflict Coaching
LB5530:03 Conflict Resolution Processes
LB5531:03 Research and Writing in Conflict Management and Resolution
LB5533:03 Ethics and Reflective Practice in Conflict Management and Resolution
LB5920:06 Research Thesis Part 1 of 2
LB5921:06 Research Thesis Part 2 of 2
LB5991:03 Rural Leadership and Culture
LB5992:03 Rural Leadership and Complexity
LB5993:03 Socially Responsible Rural Leadership
LB5994:03 Rural Leadership in Practice
MA5010:03 Directed Study
MA5020:03 Special Study A
MA5021:03 Special Study B
MA5022:03 Special Study C
MA5023:03 Special Study D
MA5050:06 Research Project A
MA5051:06 Research Project B
MA5403:03 Applied Statistical Computation
MA5405:03 Data Mining
MA5410:03 Mathematical Statistics
MA5411:03 Statistical Consulting
MB5001:03 Tropical Marine Ecology and Coastal Impacts
MB5003:03 Fisheries Science
MB5004:03 Marine Conservation Biology
MB5055:03 Biological Oceanography
MB5070:03 Marine Evolution and Biogeography
MB5160:03 Evolution and Ecology of Reef Fishes
MB5190:03 Coral Reef Ecology
MB5260:03 Ecological Dynamics: An Introduction to Modelling
MB5270:03 Wetland and Estuarine Ecosystems
MB5300:03 Sampling and Experimental Design
MB5310:03 Marine Reserves as Fisheries Management Tools
MB5380:03 Invertebrate Biology
MB5400:03 Life History and Evolution of Reef Corals
MD8001:03 Foundations of Rural and Remote Medicine
MD8002:03 Rural and Remote Medicine Reflections on Practice
MD8023:03 Communication and Collaboration in Rural and Remote Medicine
MD8103:06 Clinical Research for Medical Practice Part 1 of 2
MD8104:06 Clinical Research for Medical Practice Part 2 of 2
MD8201:06 Doctor of Medicine Conference Presentations
MD8202:06 Doctoral Specialisation Medicine 1
MD8203:06 Doctoral Specialisation Medicine 2
MD8204:06 Doctoral Project Medicine 1
MD8205:06 Doctoral Project Medicine 2
MD8206:06 Doctoral Project Medicine 3
MD8207:06 Doctoral Attachment Medicine
MD8208:09 Extended Doctoral Attachment Medicine
MI5000:03 Biomedical Epidemiology
MI5003:03 Advanced Marine Microbiology
MI5021:03 Advanced Clinical Microbiology
MI5031:03 Advanced Aquatic Pathobiology
MI5051:03 Mechanisms of Infectious Diseases
MI5061:03 Advanced Immunology
MI5071:03 Molecular Analysis of Tropical Microbes
MI5101:03 Microbiology and Immunology Dissertation Part 1 of 2
MI5102:03 Microbiology and Immunology Dissertation Part 2 of 2
MI5301:06 Independent Project Part 1 of 2
MI5302:06 Independent Project Part 2 of 2
MI5401:09 Independent Project and Dissertation Part 1 of 2
MI5402:09 Independent Project and Dissertation Part 2 of 2
NS5003:03 Portfolio Development for Health Care Professionals
NS5131:03 Foundations of Midwifery Practice
NS5132:03 Midwifery Care of Murri and Torres Strait Islander Families
NS5133:03 Healthy Labour, Birth and the Puerperium
NS5134:03 Challenges to the Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Continuum
NS5135:03 Complex Midwifery Care
NS5136:03 Pharmacology and Clinical Midwifery Practice
NS5201:03 Research Design: Theory and Application
NS5214:03 Professional Midwifery Care
NS5225:03 Care of the 'At Risk' Newborn
NS5226:03 Infant Feeding and Nutrition
NS5230:03 Clinical Governance Project
NS5366:03 Practice Development Project
NS5380:03 Clinical Management of Diabetes
NS5382:03 Applied Diabetes Education and Management
NS5383:03 Diabetes Professional Practice
NS5407:03 Contemporary Issues in Nurse Education
NS5408:03 Clinical Teaching in Nursing and Midwifery
NS5500:03 Care of the Acutely Ill and Deteriorating Adult
NS5501:03 Contemporary Issues in Acute Care Nursing
NS5522:03 Nursing Within the Tropics
NS5710:03 Applied Leadership and Management for Nurses and Midwives
NS5790:03 Leadership and Dispute Resolution Skills for Nurses and Midwives
NS5901:03 Extended Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning 1
NS5902:03 Extended Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning 2
NS5903:03 Nurse Practitioner Clinical Practice 1
NS5905:03 Professional Issues for Nurse Practitioners
NS5906:03 Nurse Practitioner Clinical Practice 2
NS5921:03 Pharmacotherapeutics for Nurse Practitioners 1
NS5922:03 Pharmacotherapeutics for Nurse Practitioners 2
OT5001:03 Health Professional Independent Study
OT5002:06 Occupational Therapy Independent Project
OT5003:06 Occupational Therapy Minor Thesis
OT5004:06 Rural or Remote Allied Health Practice
OT5005:03 Advanced Clinical Practice
OT5006:03 Soft Tissue Injury Management for Health Professionals
OT5007:03 Issues of Sexuality for Allied Health Professionals
OT5008:03 Allied Health Interventions for Palliative Care
OT5009:03 Advanced Soft Tissue Injury Management for Health Professionals
OT5201:03 Advanced Mental Health Practice in Occupational Therapy
PC5510:03 Management of Pharmaceutical Services
PC5511:03 Clinical Pharmaceutics
PC5512:03 Pharmaceutical Public Health Priorities
PC5513:03 Pharmaceutical Public Health - Management of Chronic Diseases 1
PC5514:03 Pharmaceutical Public Health - Management of Chronic Diseases 2
PC5515:06 Pharmaceutical Public Health Project
PC5516:12 Extended Pharmaceutical Public Health Project
PC5517:03 Advanced Clinical Pharmaceutics
PC5518:03 Pharmaceutical Public Health - Management of Chronic Diseases 3
PC5520:03 Pharmaceutical Public Health - Pharmacovigilance
PC5521:03 Pharmaceutical Public Health - Research Methodologies
PC6013:06 Doctor of Pharmacy Clinical Attachment
PC6014:09 Doctor of Pharmacy Extended Clinical Attachment
PC6015:06 Doctor of Pharmacy Conference Presentations
PC6016:06 Doctor of Pharmacy Specialisation 1
PC6017:06 Doctor of Pharmacy Specialisation 2
PC6018:06 Doctoral Project 1
PC6019:06 Doctoral Project 2
PC6020:06 Doctoral Project 3
PH5008:03 Physical Oceanography
PH5010:03 Directed Study
PH5011:03 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
PH5012:03 Meteorology
PH5013:03 Quantum Mechanics 3
PH5020:03 Special Study A
PH5021:03 Special Study B
PH5022:03 Special Study C
PH5050:06 Research Project A
PH5051:06 Research Project B
PL5002:03 Policy Analysis and Management
PL5110:03 Government and Politics in Developing Areas
PL5153:03 International Relations and Foreign Policy
PP5002:03 Literature Review
PP5005:03 Special Topics in Physiology
PP5055:03 Special Topics in Pharmacology
PP5101:03 Advanced and Integrated Physiology
PP5151:03 General Pathobiology
PP5201:03 Contemporary Research in Physiology
PP5251:03 Systemic Pathophysiology and Therapeutics
PS5101:03 Clinical Expert Updates for Physiotherapy
PS5103:03 Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Research and Evidence Based Practice
PS5104:03 Physiotherapy Rehabilitation for Disability across the Lifespan
PS5106:03 Physiotherapy Rehabilitation for Chronic Conditions
PS5108:03 Advanced Musculoskeletal Practice
PS5109:03 Ergonomics
PS5501:06 Physiotherapy Research 1
PS5502:06 Physiotherapy Research 2
PY5001:03 Psychological Assessment
PY5003:03 Adult Psychopathology
PY5006:03 Clinical Neuropsychology
PY5007:03 Health and Rehabilitation
PY5011:03 Methods of Intervention 1
PY5012:03 Methods of Intervention 2
PY5013:03 Working With Clients
PY5016:03 Investigative Psychology
PY5017:03 Psychosocial Elements of Ageing
PY5020:03 Psychology of Disasters
PY6001:04 Practicum 1
PY6002:04 Practicum 2
PY6003:04 Practicum 3
PY6010:03 Evaluation and Research
PY6015:03 Child and Family Therapy
PY6017:03 Psychology and Disorders of Later Life
PY6107:03 Doctoral Practicum
PY6201:03 Research Thesis A
PY6202:03 Masters Thesis B (Part 1 of 2)
PY6203:03 Masters Thesis B (Part 2 of 2)
PY6212:03 Doctoral Thesis B (Part 1 of 2)
PY6213:06 Doctoral Thesis C
PY6214:06 Doctoral Thesis D (Part 1 of 2)
PY6215:03 Doctoral Thesis D (Part 2 of 2)
PY6216:03 Doctoral Thesis B (Part 2 of 2)
PY6221:03 Advanced Practicum A
PY6222:03 Advanced Practicum B
RD7001:03 Planning the Research: Doctoral Candidates
RD7002:03 Situating the Research: Doctoral Candidates
RD7003:03 Professional Development: Doctoral Candidates
RH5010:03 Soft Tissue Functional Anatomy for Rehabilitation Professionals
RH5200:03 Rehabilitation Research and Evidence Based Practice
RH5201:03 Rehabilitation for Disability across the Lifespan
RH5202:03 Rehabilitation for Chronic Conditions
RH5203:06 Research 1: A Literature Review
RH5204:06 Research 2: A Research Project
RH5205:03 Palliative Care for Allied Health Professionals
RH5206:03 Assistive Technology Strategies to enable Personal Autonomy
RM7001:03 Planning the Research: Masters Candidates
RM7002:03 Situating the Research: Masters Candidates
RM8101:06 Research Planning in Tropical Environments and Societies
RM8102:06 Research Project in Tropical Environments and Societies
RM8301:06 Research Planning in Tropical Health and Medicine
RM8302:06 Research Project in Tropical Health and Medicine
SC3008:03 Professional Placement
SC5008:03 Professional Placement
SC5055:03 Research and Communication Skills in the Natural Sciences
SC5901:03 Special Topic 1
SC5902:03 Special Topic 2
SC5903:03 Literature Review
SC5909:09 Minor Project and Seminar
SC5912:06 Minor Project, Seminar and Literature Review (1 of 2)
SC5913:06 Minor Project, Seminar and Literature Review (2 of 2)
SL5001:03 Advanced Topic in Speech Pathology 1
SL5010:06 Postgraduate Research Project in Speech Pathology
SL5011:03 Postgraduate Research Project in Speech Pathology Part 1 of 2
SL5012:03 Postgraduate Research Project in Speech Pathology Part 2 of 2
SL5201:03 Advanced Practice in Adult Speech Pathology
SP5011:06 Research Project in Sport and Exercise Science
SP5012:03 Independent Project in Sport and Exercise Science
SP5103:06 Clinical Exercise Physiology 1
SP5104:06 Clinical Exercise Physiology 2
SP5108:06 Practicum in Clinical Exercise Physiology 2
SP5109:06 Practicum in Clinical Exercise Physiology 1
SS5006:06 Society and Culture Minor Thesis
SS5012:12 Social Science Coursework Masters Thesis
SS5100:03 Qualitative Research in Social Science
TM5310:09 Dissertation 2
TM5501:03 Tropical Medicine
TM5502:03 Tropical Public Health
TM5503:03 Human Parasitology
TM5506:03 Social Science in Public Health
TM5512:03 Travel Medicine
TM5513:03 Public Health Management
TM5514:03 Environmental Health
TM5515:03 Epidemiology for Public Health
TM5516:03 Biostatistics for Public Health
TM5518:03 Medical Entomology
TM5525:03 Communicable Disease Control
TM5526:03 Public Health Economics
TM5527:03 Project
TM5528:03 Health Promotion
TM5534:03 Tropical Paediatrics
TM5536:03 Refugee Health
TM5540:03 Public Health and the Workplace
TM5541:03 Managing Effective Health Programs
TM5549:06 Dissertation 1
TM5552:03 Global Health and Development
TM5557:03 Disaster Health Management
TM5560:03 Foundations of Aeromedical Retrieval
TM5562:03 Reproductive Health in Developing Countries
TM5563:03 Public Health Leadership and Crisis Management
TM5564:03 Acute Care in the Resource Poor Environment
TM5566:03 Essential Care Skills in Aeromedical Retrievals
TM5568:03 Health Promotion Needs Assessment and Planning
TM5569:03 Health Promotion Strategies and Methods
TM5570:03 Health Promotion Research and Evaluation
TM5571:03 Public Health Placement
TM5574:03 Clinical Acute Care in the Resource Poor Environment
TM5576:03 Adult Secondary Retrievals
TM5577:03 Paediatric and Neonatal Retrievals
TM5581:03 Expedition and Wilderness Medicine
TM5583:03 Tropical Toxicology
TM6013:06 Doctoral Attachment
TM6014:09 Extended Doctoral Attachment
TM6015:06 Doctoral Conference Presentations
TM6016:06 Doctoral Specialisation 1
TM6017:06 Doctoral Specialisation 2
TM6018:06 Doctoral Project 1
TM6019:06 Doctoral Project 2
TM6020:06 Doctoral Project 3
TM6021:03 Literature Review
TO5002:03 Introduction to Tourism and the Environment
TO5101:03 Tourism Systems Analysis
TO5102:03 Tourism and Hospitality Operations Management
TO5103:03 Global Destination Competitiveness
TO5104:03 Tourist Management Strategies
TO5202:03 Economic Decision-Making in the Hospitality Industry
TO5203:03 Hospitality and Gastronomy: Social, Private and Commercial
TV5010:03 Animal Health
TV5020:03 Animal Production
TV5040:03 Epidemiology 1
TV5110:03 General Pathology
TV5111:03 Applied Pathology
TV5120:03 Advanced Microbiology and Immunology
TV5121:03 Infectious Diseases of Livestock
TV5130:03 Advances in Veterinary Parasitology
TV5131:03 Host-Parasite Relationships
TV5210:03 Animal Nutrition
TV5220:03 Animal Reproduction and Management
TV5230:03 Epidemiology 2
TV5240:03 Aquatic Pathobiology
TV5311:12 Research and Dissertation
TV5320:03 Applied Protocol Writing
WS5005:03 Social Policy Analysis
WS5025:03 Group Work
WS5027:03 Working in Child and Family Welfare
WS5103:03 Community Development
WS5303:09 Field Education 1
WS5514:03 Theories for Social Work Practice
WS5516:03 Foundations for Social Work Practice
WS5603:03 Social Work and Mental Health
WS5604:09 Field Education 2
WS5605:09 Advanced Social Work Practicum
WS5611:03 Professional Development for Social Work Practice