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Code : Units Subject Title Study Period Campus Mode
TM5310: 9.0 Dissertation 2 SP1 Townsville External
    SP1 Townsville Internal
    SP2 Townsville Internal
    SP2 Townsville External
TM5501: 3.0 Tropical Medicine SP1 Townsville External
    SP1 Townsville Mixed attendance
TM5502: 3.0 Tropical Public Health SP1 Townsville External
TM5503: 3.0 Human Parasitology SP2 Townsville Mixed attendance
TM5506: 3.0 Social Science in Public Health SP2 Townsville External
TM5510: 3.0 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health SP1 Townsville External
    SP1 Mount Isa Mixed attendance
TM5512: 3.0 Travel Medicine SP2 Townsville Mixed attendance
TM5513: 3.0 Public Health Management, Leadership, Planning and Policy SP8 Townsville External
    SP8 Townsville Mixed attendance
TM5514: 3.0 Environmental Health SP1 Cairns External
TM5515: 3.0 Epidemiology for Public Health SP1 Townsville External
    SP9 Townsville Mixed attendance
TM5516: 3.0 Biostatistics for Public Health SP2 Townsville External
    SP5 Townsville Mixed attendance
TM5518: 3.0 Medical Entomology SP2 Cairns Mixed attendance
TM5525: 3.0 Communicable Disease Control SP2 Townsville Mixed attendance
    SP2 Townsville External
TM5526: 3.0 Public Health Economics SP5 Townsville Mixed attendance
TM5527: 3.0 Project SP1 Townsville Internal
    SP1 Townsville External
    SP2 Townsville Internal
    SP2 Townsville External
TM5528: 3.0 Health Promotion SP1 Townsville External
TM5529: 3.0 Applied Health Economics SP7 Townsville Mixed attendance
TM5536: 3.0 Public Health in Humanitarian Emergencies SP2 Cairns Mixed attendance
TM5540: 3.0 Public Health and the Workplace SP1 Townsville External
TM5541: 3.0 Managing Effective Health Programs SP2 Townsville External
TM5547: 3.0 Public Health Program Planning and Evaluation SP2 Cairns External
TM5549: 6.0 Dissertation 1 SP1 Townsville External
    SP1 Townsville Internal
    SP2 Townsville Internal
    SP2 Townsville External
TM5552: 3.0 Global Health and Development SP1 Townsville External
TM5557: 3.0 Disaster Health Management SP1 Cairns Mixed attendance
TM5560: 3.0 Foundations of Aeromedical Retrieval SP1 Townsville External
TM5562: 3.0 Reproductive Health in Developing Countries SP2 Cairns External
TM5566: 3.0 Essential Skills in Aeromedical Retrievals SP2 Townsville Mixed attendance
TM5569: 3.0 Health Promotion Strategies and Methods SP2 Cairns External
TM5571: 3.0 Public Health Placement SP1 Townsville Placement/fieldwork
    SP2 Townsville Placement/fieldwork
TM5575: 3.0 Substance Misuse Prevention SP2 Cairns External
TM5576: 3.0 Adult Secondary Retrievals SP1 Townsville External
TM5577: 3.0 Paediatric and Neonatal Retrievals SP2 Townsville External
TM5600: 3.0 Introduction to One Health SP2 Townsville Mixed attendance