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Code : Units Subject Title Study Period
or Trimester
Campus Mode
MI5000: 3.0 Clinical Epidemiology SP2 Townsville External
MI5003: 3.0 Diagnosis of Bacterial Diseases in Aquaculture SP1 Townsville Mixed attendance
MI5012: 3.0 Professional Experience SP2 Townsville Internal
    SP7 Townsville Internal
    SP11 Townsville Internal
MI5021: 3.0 Advanced Clinical Microbiology SP1 Townsville Internal
MI5031: 3.0 Diagnosis of Viral Disease in Aquaculture SP2 Townsville Mixed attendance
MI5051: 3.0 Mechanisms of Infectious Diseases SP2 Townsville Internal
MI5061: 3.0 Advanced Immunology SP1 Townsville Internal
MI5071: 3.0 Molecular Analysis of Tropical Microbes SP7 Townsville Intensive