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PS5109 - Ergonomics

Credit points: 3
Year: 2015
Student Contribution Band: Band 2
Administered by: College of Healthcare Sciences

Registered Australian Physiotherapist. Completion of an overseas recognised physiotherapy qualification. Completion of this subject within the degree Masters of Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy) will not enable Australian registration of overseas qualified physiotherapists.

Ergonomics focuses on the human-machine-environment (HME) model and promotes a systems based approach to understanding problems within this model. Breakdowns in this HME system may present as musculoskeletal problems. This subject develops the students' understanding of the components of the HME model and how they may affect the person. Through a series of on-line learning modules the subject is intended to develop assessment and management skills related to components of the HME system for the clinical physiotherapist. Ergonomics is not confined to the traditional workplace and the issues presented and discussed in this subject are as relevant to the athlete as they are to the worker.

Learning Outcomes

  • demonstrate the ability to evaluate or design the physical work environment to suit an individual or the general population;
  • demonstrate the ability to use a range of standardised assessment tools for the assessment of the physical work environment;
  • apply the human information processing system to optimise behavioural change;
  • match the demands of the machine/task/environment to the capacity of the human operator;
  • describe key aspects of the Human-Machine-Environment system and how it may affect the person.
Prerequisites: Registered Australian Physiotherapist. Completion of an overseas recognised physiotherapy qualification.


External, Study Period 1
Census Date 26-Mar-2015
Coordinator: Dr Susan Gordon
Lecturers: Dr Susan Gordon, <Person not found>.
Method of Delivery: WWW - LearnJCUandOther
Assessment: written assignment presentation of a task analysis (1,000 words) (%); written assignment - ergonomic assessment report (3,000 words) (%).
Special Assessment Requirements: This is a Pass/Fail subject. All components must be passed to pass the subject overall.

Note: Minor variations might occur due to the continuous Subject quality improvement process, and in case of minor variation(s) in assessment details, the Subject Outline represents the latest official information.