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TM5560 - Foundations of Aeromedical Retrieval

Credit points: 3
Year: 2014
Student Contribution Band: Band 3
Administered by: Sch Public Health,Trop Medicine&Rehabilitation Sc (pre 2015)

Available to postgraduate students enrolled in public health and tropical medicine courses only or by permission of Head of School.

Aeromedical retrieval is concerned primarily with the transport of patients via a properly managed aeromedical evacuation system. This subject provides students with an overview of the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for the successful management of aeromedical retrieval in the Australian and the global context. It includes examination of models of aeromedical care, aircraft characteristics and flight specific problems, aircraft and flight safety, medical equipment and clinical care in the aeromedical environment, co-ordination of aeromedical retrievals, legislation and insurance, and special issues associated with international aeromedical retrievals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Review the history of aeromedical retrievals and critically appraise the main factors influencing the current health care requirement;
  • review the physiological effects of altitude and flight and critically apply these to clinical conditions;
  • Compare and contrast the characteristics of fixed wing and rotary wing aircrafts used in aeromedical retrievals. Discuss crew combinations, crew resource management and equipment selection in the aeromedical retrieval environment;
  • Compare and contrast the types of aeromedical retrievals- primary, secondary, government versus non government, military and long haul;
  • Apply a systematic approach to clinical co ordination of aeromedical retrievals including the use of technology. Retrieve and critically evaluate clinical governance arrangements in aeromedical retrievals specific to education, training and research.


External, Study Period 2
Census Date 28-Aug-2014
Coordinator: Ms Anita Robertson, <Person not found>, Professor Peter Leggat
Lecturers: Ms Anita Robertson, <Person not found>, Dr Stefan Mazur.
Method of Delivery: WWW - LearnJCU
Assessment: end of semester exam (40%); assignments (20%); (40%).

External, Study Period 1
Census Date 27-Mar-2014
Coordinator: Ms Anita Robertson, <Person not found>
Lecturers: Ms Anita Robertson, <Person not found>, Professor Peter Leggat.
Method of Delivery: WWW - LearnJCU
Assessment: end of semester exam (50% - 70%); assignments (30% - 50%).

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