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TM5501 - Tropical Medicine

Credit points: 3
Year: 2014
Student Contribution Band: Band 3
Administered by: Sch Public Health,Trop Medicine&Rehabilitation Sc (pre 2015)

Tropical medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with diseases and health problems that occur uniquely, are more widespread, or prove more difficult to control in tropical and subtropical regions. Tropical medicine historically has focused on communicable and infectious diseases, but increasing attention is being given to the burden of non-communicable diseases and injury in these regions. This subject, TM5501 Tropical Medicine, is primarily concerned with the communicable and infectious diseases that remain major causes of morbidity and mortality in tropical and subtropical regions, with priority being given to diseases of public health significance in the Asia-Pacific region. These diseases include 'the big three' (malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS), vector-borne diseases (including dengue and Japanese encephalitis), neglected tropical diseases (NTDs, including lymphatic filariasis, rabies and leprosy), 'tropical fevers' (including typhoid and leptospirosis), tropical paediatric priorities (including pneumonia, diarrhoeal diseases and measles) and several others (including cholera and hepatitis).

Learning Outcomes

  • have an understanding of some of the common tropical diseases and problems relevant to Australasia, Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific region, which are of interest to health professionals;
  • have an understanding of the microbiological, entomological and parasitic agents underlying these tropical diseases;
  • appreciate the diagnosis, management and prevention of tropical diseases of global importance (i.e. to the World Health Organization).


External, Study Period 1
Census Date 27-Mar-2014
Coordinator: <Person not found>, Professor Peter Leggat
Lecturers: <Person not found>, Professor Peter Leggat.
Workload expectations:
  • 60 hours lectures - external mode is equivalent to 60 lectures
Method of Delivery: andCDROMPrinted materials
Assessment: other exams (75%); assignments (25%).

Townsville, Block, Study Period 8
Census Date 21-Aug-2014
Non-standard start/end 21-Jul-2014 to 03-Oct-2014
Face to face teaching 21-Jul-2014 to 01-Aug-2014
Coordinator: Professor Peter Leggat
Lecturers: Assoc. Professor Sue Devine, <Person not found>, Professor Peter Leggat.
Workload expectations:
  • 60 hours lectures
Assessment: other exams (75%); assignments (25%).

Note: Minor variations might occur due to the continuous Subject quality improvement process, and in case of minor variation(s) in assessment details, the Subject Outline represents the latest official information.