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EA3008 - Advanced Hydrology

Credit points: 3
Year: 2012
Student Contribution Band: Band 4
Administered by: Sch of Earth & Environmental Sciences

The subject presents advanced concepts and techniques in surface and groundwater hydrology. It will focus on today's major water resources issues in Australia and the rest of the World. It is intended to provide the students with an advanced understanding of the concepts and techniques necessary to identify, quantify, map and monitor the natural hydrological processes and assess the impact of activities. Case studies will be taken across a wide spectrum of space and time scales from large basins in Australia (eg Murray Darling) and the rest of the World (eg Amazon) to small local catchments. Special topics include dryland salinity, the impact of land use and climate change, water quality and pollution, recharge of aquifers, irrigation water, water resources development and environmental protection.

Learning Outcomes

  • to provide students with an advanced understanding of hydrological processes, methods for hydrological analysis and design as well as water quantity and availability issues;
  • to engage students with quantitative methods that are used to measure natural hydrologic processes;
  • to provide students with a better understanding of the general earth and environmental sciences from a hydrological perspective;
  • to equip students with a wide range of skills encountered in hydrological practice.

Graduate Qualities

  • The ability to adapt knowledge to new situations;
  • The ability to define and to solve problems in at least one discipline area;
  • The ability to think critically, to analyse and evaluate claims, evidence and arguments, and to reason and deploy evidence clearly and logically;
  • The ability to reflect on and evaluate learning, and to learn independently in a self directed manner;
  • The ability to speak and write clearly, coherently and creatively;
  • The ability to lead, manage and contribute effectively to teams;
  • The ability to select and use appropriate tools and technologies.


Cairns, Study Period 1, Limited
Census Date 22-Mar-2012
Face to face teaching 16-Apr-2012 to 19-Apr-2012
Coordinator: <Person not found>
Lecturers: <Person not found>, <Person not found>.
Workload expectations:
  • 24 hours lectures
  • 24 hours tutorials
  • 24 hours fieldwork
Assessment: quizzes or tests (20%); presentations (20%); field report (60%).

Note: Minor variations might occur due to the continuous Subject quality improvement process, and in case of minor variation(s) in assessment details, the Subject Outline represents the latest official information.