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SC1109 - Modelling Natural Systems-Advanced

Credit points: 03
Year: 2019
Student Contribution Band: Band 2
Administered by: College of Science and Engineering

By providing the bridge between theory and practice this subject will demonstrate how mathematical and computer models can be used to describe and enhance our knowledge about natural systems. This subject will use a series of motivating and in-depth case studies that span a range of biophysical contexts with emphasis on applications relevant to tropical systems. Statistical programming (R) and single-variable calculus will be employed in the formulation and analysis of models, and their application to empirical data. This is a core subject for all students in the Bachelor of Science-Advanced and is recommended for all students in the Bachelor of Science who intend to transfer to the Advanced program after first year. Students majoring in Mathematics and Physics in the BSc are also encouraged to enrol.

Learning Outcomes

  • demonstrate the advantages of being quantitatively skilled in a scientific environment;
  • define key scientific concepts relevant to the case study;
  • translate between verbal, algebraic, numerical, graphical and conceptual characterisations of a system;
  • integrate methods and theories that span the disciplines of mathematics, science and computing to deliver a richer understanding of natural systems;
  • assess how a natural system may respond under different circumstances through effective construction and application of relevant scientific modelling approaches;
  • formulate recommendations that promote the sustainability of natural systems.
Prerequisites: MA1000 or MA1009, allow concurrent enrolment for MA1009


Townsville, Internal, Study Period 2
Census Date 29-Aug-2019
Coordinator: Assoc. Professor Yvette Everingham
Lecturers: Professor Sean Connolly, Mr Justin Sexton, Dr Carla Ewels, Mr Samuel Rudge, <Person not found>.
Contact hours:
  • 26 hours lectures
  • 26 hours tutorials
  • 3 hours - Class tests to be held in normal lecture room.
    Assessment: other exams (45%); assignments (55%).

    Cairns, Internal, Study Period 2
    Census Date 29-Aug-2019
    Coord/Lect: Assoc. Professor Lucas Cernusak.
    Contact hours:
    • 26 hours lectures
    • 26 hours tutorials
    • 3 hours
      Assessment: other exams (45%); assignments (55%).

      Note: Minor variations might occur due to the continuous Subject quality improvement process, and in case of minor variation(s) in assessment details, the Subject Outline represents the latest official information.