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TV5213 - Veterinary Professional and Clinical Practice 3/3

Credit points: 6
Year: 2023
Student Contribution Band: Band 3
Subject chain: TV5211 TV5212 TV5213
Administered by: College of Public Health, Medical and Vet Sciences

TV5213 is one of three subjects under which Year 5 of the Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree program is delivered. These subjects are intended to provide students in the final year of the degree with an extended immersion in all major aspects of veterinary practice and employment, including the opportunity for elective periods to facilitate additional focus in selected areas. This is accomplished by having students complete a series of three modules, through companion and production animal clinics, practices, laboratories and government agencies.

Learning Outcomes

  • acquire information from and about clients, perform a clinical examination of their animals and store and retrieve such information;
  • collect, organise and analyse information in relation to specific problems, assessing its validity and reaching probabilistic judgements;
  • perform basic diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures;
  • work and communicate effectively and empathetically with colleagues and clients through a range of media with compassion, courtesy, respect, honesty and without discrimination;
  • perform effectively in a workplace including understanding organisational systems, human and physical resource management, performance indicators, occupational health and safety, knowledge management and quality control.

Subject Assessment

  • Written > Examination (centrally administered) - (50%) - Individual
  • Performance/Practice/Product > Clinical placement performance 1 - (50%) - Individual.

Special Assessment Requirements

Complete each Module to a satisfactory standard, including any remediation or catch-up time required to achieve that standard. Achieve a minimum of 50% plus 1 SEM (Standard Error of Measurement), across all final examinations; Achieve a minimum of 50% across all assessment items for each identified element, with weightings applied.

Prerequisites: TV4002


As this subject is part of a subject chain, a final standard grade (e.g. P, C) will only be recorded for each subject after successful completion of all parts of the subject chain.

Townsville, Study Period 2, Internal
Census Date 24-Aug-2023
Coordinator: Professor Margaret Reilly, Assoc. Professor Janice Lloyd, Professor Estelle Venter, Dr Sarah-Jane Wilson
Lecturers: Mr Christopher Gardiner, Ms Josephine Penny, Miss Yissu Martinez, Assoc. Professor John Cavalieri, Professor William Tranter, Miss Jillian Beasley, Dr Orachun Hayakijkosol, <Person not found>, Professor Margaret Reilly, Assoc. Professor Janice Lloyd, Ms Gretel Fowler, Dr Tessa Mackie, Assoc. Professor Bradley Dowling, Dr Kay Eccleshare, Dr Robert Kinobe, Professor Bruce Gummow, Dr Sandra De Cat, Dr Phil Judge, Dr Katelyn Craig, Dr Ruth Sutcliffe, Assoc. Professor Constantin Constantinoiu, Ms Sally Watts, Dr Jackie Picard, Dr Leo Foyle, Dr Karen Hayes, Mrs Virginia Simpson, Dr Yukari Miyake, Dr Taleta Hompas, Dr Denise Von Wald, Dr Dilini Thilakaratne, Dr Glen Walker, Dr Rachel Bowater, <Person not found>, Dr Linda Hayes, Dr Carolynne Joone, Professor Estelle Venter, Ms Victoria Thomas, Assoc. Professor Jim Taylor, Dr Sarah-Jane Wilson, Dr Alistair Grant, Dr Dem de Tonnerre, Dr David Blignaut, Mrs Lynette Bester.
Workload expectations:
  • 12 weeks placement
Restrictions: An enrolment quota applies to this offering.

Note: Minor variations might occur due to the continuous Subject quality improvement process, and in case of minor variation(s) in assessment details, the Subject Outline represents the latest official information.