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SS1111 - Introduction to Counselling

Credit points: 3
Year: 2020
Student Contribution Band: Band 1
Administered by: College of Healthcare Sciences

This subject is designed as an introduction to basic counselling concepts and skills. It is intended to provide students with basic communication skills and an awareness of some of the personal and professional issues facing the counsellor. A microskills approach to counselling has been chosen as it offers a foundation which will help students understand and work more effectively with many diverse approaches to facilitating client growth and development.

Learning Outcomes

  • demonstrate knowledge of the issues involved in confidentiality and ethics;
  • demonstrate knowledge of the nature of counselling, the counselling relationship, the effects of the counsellors values and beliefs on the counselling relationship and the counsellors own needs;
  • incorporate these microskills in interviews;
  • awareness of the basic microskills of attending, questioning, client observation, encouraging, paraphrasing and summarising and reflection of feeling.

Subject Assessment

  • Non-Invigilated > Assignments - (30%)
  • Multiple Choice Test - (20%)
  • Short Answer Questions - (30%)
  • Micro Skills Evaluation - (20%).


JCU Singapore, Study Period 51, Internal
Census Date 09-Apr-2020
Coordinator: Dr Jagdeep Kaur
Lecturers: Ms Concetta Arnese, Dr Jagdeep Kaur, Dr Raksha Kartik, Ms Jamie Lee.

JCU Singapore, Study Period 53, Internal
Census Date 03-Dec-2020
Coordinator: Dr Jagdeep Kaur
Lecturers: Dr Jagdeep Kaur, Ms Jamie Lee, Ms Hui Hui Tan.

Study Period 1, External
Census Date 26-Mar-2020
Coord/Lect: Dr Jagdeep Kaur.
Method of Delivery: WWW - LearnJCU

Study Period 2, External
Census Date 27-Aug-2020
Coord/Lect: Dr Jagdeep Kaur.
Method of Delivery: WWW - LearnJCU

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