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SC5913 - Research Project (Part 2 of 2)

Credit points: 6
Year: 2021
Student Contribution Band: Band 2
Administered by: College of Science and Engineering

Candidates will design and conduct a small discrete research project. The topic will be selected after consultation with the appropriate supervisor(s) and the Course Coordinator. Candidates will be required to write up the results of their research in the form of a scientific paper. In addition, the candidate will give a summative research project seminar to staff, colleagues and peers. The seminar should include critical appraisal of the objectives, methodology, results and future directions of the project. Candidates will prepare a literature review on a topic pertinent to their minor project and selected in consultation with their supervisor(s). The review should be a critical appraisal of the objectives, methodologies and results of previous research relating to the topic. To enrol in this subject, candidates must have achieved a GPA >= 5.5 within their current JCU course, have completed the majority of their other course requirements, attained a supervisor and identified a suitable project in consultation with the supervisor. To request enrolment in this subject, current students need to complete the college's application form at the end of their preceding coursework semester. Once approved students will need to enrol in SC5912 AND SC5913

Learning Outcomes

  • demonstrate a critical and rigorous approach to framing and addressing research questions;
  • demonstrate skills required for independent research, especially with respect to sampling design, data collection, data analysis and interpretation relevant to the field of research;
  • demonstrate appropriate methodological and analytical approaches relevant to their field of research;
  • demonstrate proficiency in literature evaluation, data collection and analysis;
  • demonstrate proficiency in preparing and presenting written technical reports;
  • demonstrate the practical and / or technical skills required for carrying out a research project;
  • demonstrate experience in problem-solving and scientific decision-making.

Subject Assessment

  • Oral > Presentation 1 - (15%) -

Special Assessment Requirements

+ Literature Review (no % weighting)

Students enrolling in this subject should have an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline in the natural sciences or have acquired equivalent knowledge through other study or industry experience. They should have completed the core requirements of their postgraduate coursework degree. They should have an excellent understanding of science subjects within their discipline.


Townsville, Internal, Study Period 1
Census Date 25-Mar-2021

Townsville, Internal, Study Period 2
Census Date 26-Aug-2021

Cairns, Internal, Study Period 1
Census Date 25-Mar-2021

Cairns, Internal, Study Period 2
Census Date 26-Aug-2021

JCU Singapore, Internal, Study Period 53
Census Date 02-Dec-2021

JCU Singapore, Internal, Study Period 52
Census Date 05-Aug-2021

JCU Singapore, Internal, Study Period 51
Census Date 08-Apr-2021

Note: Minor variations might occur due to the continuous Subject quality improvement process, and in case of minor variation(s) in assessment details, the Subject Outline represents the latest official information.