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NS2003 - Promoting Healthy Labour, Birth and the Post-natal Period

Credit points: 3
Year: 2014
Student Contribution Band: Band 1
Administered by: School of Nursing, Midwifery & Nutrition (pre 2015)

This subject continues to address the normal physiological processes associated with pregnancy but with a specific focus on labour and birth. The underpinning philosophy of woman-centred, value based care remains foundational to the subject. Content is provided in a manner which includes the social and cultural aspects of pregnancy and birth for Australian women and, in particular, women located in rural and regional areas. Students are provided with opportunities for decision-making and information-sharing, essential to the midwifery care of healthy women and newborns. The subject provides opportunity for students to rehearse practical skills within a safe simulation setting fostering a level of skill acquisition which students will then apply to a variety of clinical environments. Students will acquire the knowledge and begin to develop skills needed to support women during labour and birth and to initiate and establish breastfeeding. In this subject students are required to recruit another six (6) women willing to participate in the 'Continuity of Care' experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • (5) Demonstrate strategies the midwife can apply to promote normal labour, birth and the postnatal period; (6) Demonstrate an understanding of the impact on women and their families, the current Australian health care practice of relocating women away from rural and remote communities to birth has;
  • (7) Using Pages' five steps, identify what is important to the woman demonstrating an understanding of informed choice and respect for the woman's decisions; (8) Apply the WHO's Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding and the Seven Point Plan for Supporting Breastfeeding in the Community;
  • (9) Recruit and complete the 'Continuity of Care' experience for six (6) women by the end of the second year; and (10) Develop professional midwifery practice using reflection and self- awareness in their professional portfolio and Midwifery clinical competency booklet when caring for the birthing woman and her family;
  • (1) Summarize and apply knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and the psychosocial adaptions of reproduction as it relates to: the four stages of labour, birth and the first six weeks after birth to midwifery care of the healthy woman and baby; (2) Explain and apply knowledge of the neonatal adaption to the extra uterine environment;
  • (3) Demonstrate under supervision midwifery care to women during labour, birth and the postnatal period consistent with the philosophy, ethics and NMBA (2006) National Competency Standards for the Midwife; (4) Provide an example of a therapeutic relationship with women within a culturally safe framework.
Prerequisites: NS1003 AND NS1004 AND NS1222 AND BM1022


Townsville, Internal, Study Period 1
Census Date 27-Mar-2014
Coordinator: Ms Rosalind Lock
Workload expectations:
  • 20 hours lectures
  • 20 hours tutorials
  • 30 hours practicals
  • 80 hours professional experience
Assessment: (20%); assignments (30%); centrally-administered final exam (50%).

Note: Minor variations might occur due to the continuous Subject quality improvement process, and in case of minor variation(s) in assessment details, the Subject Outline represents the latest official information.