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NM1101 - Arts in Perspective

[Not offered in 2015]

Credit points:03
Student Contribution Band: Band 1
Administered by:College of Arts & Society & Education

Available to all students

The subject provides students with a sound working knowledge of the history and theory of arts practice. Students examine key theories that provide explanations for why the arts are of value to society and how artists in the past have used symbolic means in visual, musical and/or dramatic forms to communicate with an audience. The subject also involves an investigation of the way in which artists exercise creative imagination to make culturally significant or insightful works which contribute to human understanding. Students are taught to analyze artworks and to develop strong skills in research and reflection.

Learning Outcomes

  • an awareness of the history and theories underpinning creative arts practice;
  • the ability to describe, analyse and compare creative works in terms of their form, content, social and historical context;
  • the ability to structure concise, descriptive and analytical writing about creative works and the meaning and value of the arts;
  • strong verbal and written communication skills.
NM2011 CV1030

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