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BX2022 - Macroeconomic Policy

Credit points: 3
Year: 2021
Student Contribution Band: Band 4
Administered by: College of Business, Law & Governance

Available to all JCU students although it is assumed that those who choose to enrol have a sound understanding of introductory economic principles.

Changes to the interest rate or government expenditure levels intend to change business and consumer behaviour. The sought-after skill to correctly anticipate such changes requires an in-depth knowledge of monetary and fiscal policy, which this subject provides. The subject evaluates the views of various schools of thought on the desirability of conducting monetary and fiscal policy using current real world policy dilemmas. The subject provides important skills to students in economics, to students interested in international trade and to students interested in banking and finance.

Learning Outcomes

  • apply theoretical models to demonstrate the effects of fiscal and monetary policy in a closed or open economy;
  • identify the trade-offs that governments and central banks must negotiate when conducting fiscal and monetary policy and predict their decisions;
  • select, analyse and interpret macroeconomic (national accounts) data for a selected country to advise whether its current fiscal and monetary policy stance is appropriate.

Subject Assessment

  • Written > Examination (centrally administered) - (40%) - Individual
  • Written > Test/Quiz 1 - (35%) - Individual
  • Oral > Presentation 1 - (25%) - Individual.
Prerequisites: BU1003 OR BU1903 OR EC1005 OR EC1001
EC5206 EC2000


Trimester 3, External
Census Date 07-Oct-2021
Coordinator: <Person not found>, Assoc. Professor Riccardo Welters, Dr Diane Jarvis
Lecturers: <Person not found>, Assoc. Professor Riccardo Welters.
Workload expectations:

The student workload for this 3 credit point subject is approximately 130 hours.

  • 0 hours
  • assessment and self-directed study
Method of Delivery: WWW - LearnJCU

Note: Minor variations might occur due to the continuous Subject quality improvement process, and in case of minor variation(s) in assessment details, the Subject Outline represents the latest official information.