Beijing UT

Beijing UT
Master Schedule of Subjects
Subject Code Study Period and Mode Subject Prerequisite Antirequisite Corequisite
BU1007:03 68/69 Business Data Analysis BU1010 EC1101 MA1401
CP1005:03 68/69 Business and IT Interface
CP1010:03 69 Introduction to Multimedia CP5280
CP1030:03 69 IT Fundamentals
CP1200:03 68/69 Introduction to Programming 1 CP2200
CP1300:03 68/69 Introduction to Programming 2 CP1200
CP1500:03 68/69 Conceptual Modelling
CP2010:03 68 Web Programming CP1200 CP5220 NM2301 NM3901
CP2011:03 68/69 Advanced Programming CP1300 CP2004
CP2012:03 69 Networking CP2231 CP3250
CP2013:03 68 Software Engineering CP1300 CP3110
CP2016:03 69 Data Management and Handling CP1300 CP1500 CP2001
CP2017:03 69 Interactive e-Business
CP2402:03 68 Hardware and Software Fundamentals CP1300
CP2503:03 68 Enterprise Database Systems - Oracle CP1500 CP5503
CP3003:03 69 Web Technologies CP1200 or CP2010 CP5310 NM3401
CP3020:03 68/69 Advanced Data Management CO3811 or CP1500 CP5520
CP3046:03 69 Project Management 1 CP1300 Must complete at least 24 credit points of CP subjects.
CP3047:03 68 Project Management 2 CP3046
CP3300:03 68 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining CP1200 CP1500 CP5605
CP3301:03 68 Human Computer Interaction CP1200 or CP2010 CP5607
CP3302:03 68 Information Security CP1500 CP5603
CP3307:03 68/69 Mobile Technology CP1300 CP5307
MA1000:03 69 Mathematical Foundations MA1020 or MATHEMATICS B or Maths C or Admission to 102810 or Admission to 102910
MA1401:03 69 Statistics and Data Analysis 1 Senior Maths B or MA1020 or admission to 50110M 70810 50810 103110 50710 BU1007 BU1010 MA2401