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Use this form when you have an existing video file that you want processed for Reserve Online. If you want to request a recording of a lecture in a videoconference room, please complete the eLecture booking form.

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Recording or copying AV materials without the appropriate licence such as Screenrights, copyright owner's permission, or protection of s200AB is an infringement of copyright and can incur severe penalties. The copying or communication of commercially purchased or hired videos/DVDs or sound recordings, normally may only be made available via LearnJCU if the University has received permission by the copyright owner as well as observing their conditions of use and meeting any payments - to record and communicate their material.

s200AB of the Copyright Act may allow the use of snippets of some commercial AV material because each use must be judged as a 'special case'. Please contact the Copyright Officer for advice on the application of s.200AB. Staff will attach any permissions or attribution notices as required.

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