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Welcome to the Housing Portal

Welcome to the JCU Accommodation Services Portal! This portal is for applications for on-campus residency at JCU Townsville campus for new students or those who have not previously lived on-campus at JCU.

A non-refundable application fee of $55 applies for each application. Please note: on-campus accommodation is not guaranteed.

If you are using the Accommodation Services Portal for the first time, please Register first to receive a Login ID and Password. Once you are given this ID and Pin you are able to login.  Keep your login details in a safe place.

If you have previously registered for this service, please use your Login ID and Password to log into the portal.  Even though you have an ID and Password, you will still be required to fill out a new application and a payment, your old application information does not transfer over to your new application. If you have lost or forgotten your login details, please request them by emailing your full name and date of birth to


Please do not register again as this will create multiple entries in our database and may affect the processing of your application.


Applications for second semester opens 1st April 2014

 Applications for 2015  open 1st August 2014 (Closing date is the end of Orientation week February 2015)

Application process:

  • Register, this gives you a user id number and a pin number.
  • Login using the generated I.D. and Pin
  • You will be required to attach 2 written references (character) and school report.  If you have awards or certificates attach these too
  • A student is able to view their status at any time by logging into the Housing Portal using their ID and Pin number. 
  • The payment of $55, is required at the end of the application.
  • Applications are moved over to the Halls and Colleges once payment has been made.
  • The College/Halls make the offers, not the Accommodation Office.
  • International students who are using an Agency to Study Abroad will be required to provide details of the Agency.
  • Second semester applications are assessed by the Residences from May onwards.
  • First semester applicatons are assessed by the Residences from September onwards for the following year. 


To understand the application process click here






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